Competition: Scott Grows an Avocado Tree Flag Design Competition

Welcome, Avocado Enthusiasts! I am about to begin a new avocado growing series on Scott Grows an Avocado Tree, but before I do that, I need a way to identify each seed and tell them apart. I am launching a flag design competition. I explain in this video. Please find the Flag Design Competition’s Terms…

Experiment: Should You Peel Avocado Seeds to Grow Them?

Abstract Many people have eaten an avocado, then taken the seed to attempt to grow it into an avocado tree. There are dozens of articles, videos and infographics explaining how to do this, some advise peeling the seed, and some don’t. In my experience, both peeling the seed and not peeling the seed leads to…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Scott and I’m an avocado enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia. I am attempting to grow an avocado tree from seed to the point of bearing fruit whilst documenting the process. I do this on my YouTube channel, which I’ve been posting to regularly since 2018.

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